North Shore High School Robogym Robotics Team
Advances to Quarterfinals

Congratulations to the North Shore High School Robogym Robotics Team on a wonderful season! Mr. Stephen Peroni said, “Our team had a great performance after thousands of hours of hard work and dedication by all. At both the Hudson Valley Regional and the SBPLI regional at Hofstra, our team was able to earn many points during qualifiers, and the team's members were able to interact with peers who were interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from the United States, Brazil, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, India and Turkey. The following weekend was the SBPLI regional and the Robogym Robotics Team was able to advance to the quarterfinals, plus the team was selected to the alliance of the 2nd seed, which was greeted with much excitement from all members of our team.

Mr. Peroni continued, “We were very excited to see that the North Shore Schools community showed much interest in our robot and STEM with both the high school principal, Mr. Albert Cousins and the new superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo, starting in the 2017-18 school year,
in attendance. As well as the two executives, sponsors, mentors, alumni, and parents were in attendance. Our team, which had every component of the robot built by students, mastered many aspects of the process such as CAD, designing using 3D computerized modeling, coding, which allowed the robot to have success during the autonomous period in which the robot moved on its own. In the tele-operated period, our drive team controlled the robot, and succeeded in many matches.”

The robot was built by the high school students on the team, and was revised and reconfigured many times to create the best robot possible. The North Shore High School Robogym Robotics anticipates even more success in the future and look forward to next year.

Article and photos submitted by Mr. Stephen Peroni

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