international students seated for forum

The First China-US Educational Forum for Communication and Cooperation

At the annual China American Education Cooperation and Exchange Summit in Nanjing, China, North Shore School District's Chinese Teacher team, in a delegation of American Chinese teachers from all over the country, participated in a fruitful exchange and discussion about the current and future state of Chinese language education in American schools.

Educational ideas and innovations were shared in the format of several presentations by experts including the dean of the Nanjing school of foreign languages, the head of the New York Chinese teacher association, as well as several master Chinese teachers. The presentations were followed by small group breakout discussions on topics ranging from classroom pedagogy to study abroad opportunities for our Chinese language students. This event provided our teachers with an excellent platform to exchange and network with colleagues in the field, as well as connect with Chinese organizations that provide innovative support and products for Chinese language programs all over the world.

Article and photo provided by Ana Aguiar

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