GWL Community Service and Student Government Efforts

GWL Clubs Join Efforts for UNICEF

Students in both the GWL Community Service and Student Government Clubs joined forces to help the needs of children who are poverty stricken around the world, under the direction of teachers Tracy Mayo and Audra Marcantonio. UNICEF monies go directly to food, clean water, medications and vaccinations, education, and more. This year, funds raised were specifically headed to natural disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Mexico.
students poising with rolled coins
Students in both the Community Service and Student Government Clubs strived to use communication to spread awareness. The Community Service Club members designed educational posters and advertisements on display around the school to promote the drive and persuade students to assist in the relief efforts. Student Government delegates created presentations to educate younger students on becoming global citizens. They explained where the loose change and money collected for UNICEF goes. Every class received a lesson from their assigned student representative, many of which involved technology including visuals and video clips. Children were encouraged to do chores to earn change for others in need.

Ms. Audra Marcantonio said, “Both clubs are to be commended, for the members donated their time and effort to bring awareness to those in need. They then assisted in sorting, rolling, and counting the money collected from across the school. The result was amazing. Glenwood Landing School far surpassed the goal, which was to collect more than the $1,250+ that was donated last Fall in 2016. This year, Glenwood Landing raised $2,177.50.”
student teaching other kids about unicef
Thank you to the Glenwood Landing community for their incredible generosity. In addition, thank you to the members of the GWL Student Government and Community Service Club for promoting global awareness and helping to create committed individuals who strive to turn empathy into action.

Tracy Mayo and I were hoping to publicize the UNICEF philanthropic work the students in Community Service Club (Tracy is the advisor) and Student Government (which I advise) recently wrapped up. Attached are some pics with more to come.

Article and photos by GWL teachers, Tracy Mayo and Audra Marcantonio

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