Career Week

Career Week at North Shore Middle School
A Step to Your Future

Every year, the National Career Development Association (NCDA) celebrates and recognizes the importance of creating and understanding career goals for students.  This year, the NCDA is recognizing National Career Development Week during the week of November 13th - November 17th.  During this past week, North Shore Middle School students had the opportunity to think about their futures and participate in Career Week. The Middle Schoolers were able to listen to guest speakers, make career connections, set goals for themselves regarding future pathways and options, think about their current and future skills, as well as consider what they may want to pursue in college and later in life as a career. For those interested, students even had the chance to interview for the job of “Principal for a Day!”

During Career Week at North Shore Middle School, children participated in the following activities:

Monday: Dress like your Future Self

Tuesday: College Apparel Day! 

Wednesday: Dress to Impress! 

Thursday: Set Goals for Yourself! Wear a team jersey

Friday: Dream Big!  PJ day!

On Wednesday, students were encouraged to interview to be “Principal for the Day.” They had to answer a number of questions such as, “Why do you want to be “hired” to be the principal for the day?, What are your special qualities that would assist with this job?, and Do you have any references? These took place in the cafeteria during lunch in front of an interviewing panel.  

Many thanks to all of the guest speakers (e.g., parents, residents, faculty and staff) who shared with students about their career experiences.  A variety of careers were represented including: clinical neuropsychologist, hedge fund trader, airline pilot, sales & marketing expert, FBI special agent, criminal attorney, judge, pediatrician, and volunteer fireman.
Just to name a few! Thank you to all of the faculty, staff, administrators, and guidance counselors for helping to make Career Week so successful!    

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