North Shore High School Annual Pumpkin Drop

Physics Classes at North Shore Drop Pumpkins on Halloween

On October 31st, North Shore High School's physics classes took part in the annual “Pumpkin Drop” to test the principle that all objects in freefall accelerate at the same rate. Students watched as the local Glenwood Landing Fire Department ¬†dropped a number of pumpkins from over 40 feet above the ground to help measure the basic concepts of physics when it comes to the rules of gravity. The “Pumpkin Drop” was orchestrated this year by North Shore High School Science teachers with assistance from Mr. Rich Galati.

Although some audience members predicted that the larger pumpkins would hit the ground first, the students witnessed that pumpkins whether large or small hit the ground at the same time. The students agreed that the “Pumpkin Drop” is a fun and interactive way to help their understanding of physics. Many felt it was interesting to see how the laws of physics can be tested and applied outside of the classroom. This and many other Halloween activities and festivities provide for hands-on learning experiences for the students of the North Shore Schools.

Many thanks to all of those who made this annual “Pumpkin Drop” successful. Additionally, thank you to the Glenwood Landing Fire Department for providing their ladder truck and services this Halloween!

Article written by Shelly Newman with assistance from Physics teacher Sara LeMar
Photos by Hanah Leventhal

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