2017-2018 District Goals

Dear North Shore Community,

At their public meeting on September 28th, the North Shore Board of Education adopted the 2017-18 District Goals. This school year, our trustees, administrators, and faculty will continue to focus on key components outlined in the District’s Shared Valued Outcomes (SVOs) with emphasis on two specific areas including communication and thinking. While I do believe that all of the SVOs are necessary for our students to succeed now in all of our schools, as well as going forward in college and life, these two areas will be highlighted throughout grades K-12 this school year.

As we continue to integrate the SVOs across the District, it is important for our parents and residents to get a better understanding of them. In a nutshell, the SOVs are the Necessary Skills and Behaviors that Contribute to Being Successful in School and Beyond. To this end, I will be sending out another District email defining the SVOs, summarizing what has been done district-wide in the past, and outlining the areas that we will be working on in the future. Please keep an eye out for my next email regarding the District’s Shared Valued Outcomes!  
As you will see from the attached 2017-18 District Goals, we will continue to prioritize the development of a community plan of action to address issues of substance use and abuse and personal loss. Additionally, we will be building a new Five-Year Strategic Plan and a process to develop and implement a new bond referendum. Your voice is essential. To be successful, we will be reaching out to our faculty and staff, community members, and students to provide opportunities for input in these important efforts.

In addition to these emails and our newsletters, you can stay up-to-date by checking out my blog titled, “Viewpoints of a Viking: Thoughts on Teaching. Learning, and All Things North Shore” which can be found on the homepage of the school website at www.northshoreschools.org or by following me on Twitter @PeterGiarrizzo.

I encourage all of our community residents to remain engaged in our schools and attend Board of Education meetings whenever possible. The list of Board meetings can be found in the District calendar as well as on the website in the Board of Ed section at www.northshoreschools.org. BOE trustees can be contacted at nsboe@northshoreschools.org.

Best regards,

Dr. Peter Giarrizzo

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