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Kids at the Kettle
North Shore Key Club Helps the Salvation Army

students ringing bells for the Salvation Army

For the past 20 years, the North Shore Key Club, as a club tradition, volunteers for the Salvation Army.  Every Saturday at the Stop & Shop Store in Glen Cove, North Shore Key Clubbers have been ringing the bell this holiday season for the Kids at the Kettle event. Club members sing, dance, and have lots of smiles as they proudly say, “Happy Holidays,” to shoppers and the community while collecting donations for this wonderful organization.

Additionally, delicious candy canes are given out to all of the children passing by. Rumor has it that there might be a surprise visit from Santa…you never know! With their Santa hats on and love in their hearts, the North Shore Key Club is wishing everyone a big “Ho Ho Ho to one and all.” Happy holidays!

Article and photo provided by Julia Salat