Thanksgiving Culmination


GWL Kindergarteners Participate in Annual Thanksgiving/Harvest Culmination

On November 20th, kindergarteners at Glenwood Landing School gathered to celebrate the culmination of their harvest study. The youngest students were dressed in elaborate outfits, beautifully reflecting the dress of the Native American period on Thanksgiving. For the celebration, everyone happily assembled in the library to make crafts, sing songs, eat, and hear a story. Additionally, they participated in classroom activities for the remainder of the Thanksgiving festivities.   

Also on this day, North Shore Middle School students involved in their 2018 E3 Day (Every Matters, Everyone, Cares, and Everyone Learns) activities joined in the workshops at Glenwood School to help their younger peers on November 20, 2018. 

Many thanks to the teachers, parents, middle school students, and family members for helping to make this day memorable and educational for all those who participated in the Kindergarten Harvest/Thanksgiving culmination!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman