Sounds of the Sea Cliff Winter Concert

On December 12, 2018, Sea Cliff students took to the stage to perform in the 2018 Winter concert. Dressed in black and eager to show the audience how their love of music and many hours of practice lead to great rewards, the student musicians in the orchestra, band, and chorus wowed us with their brilliant performances!

The band brilliantly kicked off the concert under the direction of Ms. Larson. Shortly after, the soft sounds of the strings signified that the orchestra followed performing their beautiful songs under the direction of Mr. Haas. But, that’s not all! The harmonious voices of the Sea Cliff Singers, and fourth and fifth grade choruses also filled the room and clearly represented how much hard work and dedication it took for all of the musicians to get to this important day.

Bravo to all of the Sea Cliff Elementary students and their music teachers including Jodie Larson (Band), Kevin Haas (Orchestra), and Ashley Hassett-Bordes (Chorus) for making this Spring Concert so memorable.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman

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