Students at Glenwood Landing Turn “Empathy into Action

Fourth and fifth graders at Glenwood Landing School have embarked on a journey to grow as “committed individuals,” represented one of the North Shore School’s Shared Valued Outcomes (SVOs). GWL students learned the meaning of the word empathy through the lens of their modern day studies on the Native American Unit in 4th grade and the Westward Expansion Unit in 5th grade.

As an extension of the Social Studies curriculum, students closely examined the poor living conditions of the Sioux Tribe members residing on reservations in South Dakota. Many of the students felt empathetic and concerned for the Sioux Tribe members and wanted to take action to help those in need. Classes brainstormed solutions and decided to ask their families for donations of everyday items to provide immediate relief to children impacted by extreme poverty.  Within the classroom, many students also decided to write letters to the Governor of South Dakota asking for support on a grander scale. 

By turning “empathy into action,” students have begun a collection including toiletries, clothing, and linens for a school on the reservation. Please help our Glenwood Landing students collect the following items for the children in need in South Dakota: band aids, athlete’s foot spray or powder, body wash for men and women (no hand soap), body lotion, cotton balls, tissues, Q-tips, deodorant, hair bushes, ponytail holders, chewable vitamins, facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, Cetaphil facial cleanser, facial acne wipes, Ibuprofen, children’s sneakers (all sizes), girls dress shoes and sandals (sizes 1-7), long athletic shorts (all sizes), boys and girls athletic pants (sizes 6-20), boys underwear (boxers and briefs),children clothing (size 8-20), socks (all sizes), pillows, sheets, towels, comforters, and shower liners. Boxes will be placed outside of each of the classrooms for the collection. All items must be brought to Glenwood Landing School by March 1, 2018. Special thanks to the Glenwood Landing SCA who has generously offered to ship these items to the school in South Dakota.

In addition, third graders are demonstrating “empathy in action” by writing to Greenpeace regarding deforestation and are going to plant trees in the community.

Many thanks to the students and community member of Glenwood Landing for your support and participation in this endeavor. We greatly appreciate your donations and assistance in this undertaking. Together, Glenwood Landing will turn “empathy into action”.

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