Enrichment Activities at Glenwood Landing School

Glenwood Landing Students Make Slime and Goo

Glenwood Landing students had a treat on Friday, February 9, 2018 as a representative from the Science Museum of Long Island visited and taught them how to make slime and “diaper dust” in the new STEAM lab.

Always a favorite activity at Glenwood, students eagerly participated in making slime from borax, water, and other solutions. They also learned the basic science principles of matter involving solids, liquids, and gases – and the different properties of each. Additionally, they mixed solutions and formed basic plastics including a dust-like matter, better known as “diaper dust” since it can be found in baby’s diapers!

You can see the delight on your children’s faces how much they enjoyed this hands-on, fun, and educational STEAM activity. By the end of the class, each student made blobs of goo and handfuls of slime that they were able to stretch, roll, and play with in class. But, that’s not all! Every student was able to take their slime home. Remember kids, don’t play with it on the carpet, bed, or couch, or it will stick!

Please ask your Glenwood Landing students all about their adventures with slime!

Article by Shelly Newman  Photos by Shelly Newman and Mrs. Susan Burmeister

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