Four HS Students Chosen to Present

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium For New York City and Long Island

The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium for New York City and Long Island was held the weekend of February 3-4, 2018 at York College in Queens. Dr. Molly Mordechai said, “Students submit science research papers in November and only a portion get invited to present. A total of 200 students were invited from all of NY City and Long Island.”

This year, four North Shore projects were selected by high school students including Audrey O'Brien, Victoria Palone, Caroline Schwab and Jane Sturge (who was partnered with Julia Toner). The students presented their research in slideshows to a panel of judges who consist of PhDs, physicians, and other professionals in their respective subjects. 

Dr. Mordechai added, “My students spent all summer collecting and analyzing data and their hard work truly paid off! They all did a beautiful job presenting in a very intimidating setting and I am so proud of all of them.” She concluded, “ We are looking forward to hearing if any of our students will be selected to present at the National Fair.”

Article and photos submitted by Dr. Mordechai

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