Sea Cliff School Physical Education

Sea Cliff Students Innovate Fitness Components

In gym classes at Sea Cliff School, Physical Education teacher Ms. Megan McCormack said, “Along with Mr. Craig DeNicola, we reviewed and re-taught fitness components including flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance to our students. The fifth graders selected their own groups to create and collaborate a fitness activity or game addressing one of these four categories.” Ms. McCormack continued, “Each group designed and completed a lesson plan, set rules to follow as a group, followed a rubric, and completed various assessment checklists to keep them all on track. They then presented their fitness games and/or activities to their peers including third graders at Sea Cliff and older students at North Shore High School. Our students were exposed and participated in various fun and challenging ways to stay physically active throughout their life.” 

In addition, representatives from RADD CrossFit visited and presented a workout circuit to the students. At the end of January, the fifth graders will take a field trip to Viking Performance (a local gym) and learn other ways to stay fit and healthy.

Article written in assistance with Ms. Megan McCormack. Photos by Shelly Newman

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