2018 School Budget

2018 School Budget & Proposition Information

3 Propositions on the Ballot, School Vote
Tuesday May 15, High School Gymnasium, 7 AM -10 PM

$297,479 Under the NY State Allowable Tax Levy Limit

Proposition 1 - Budget at a Glance - 2018-19 Budget: $104,868,519. Represents a 2.70% budget-to-budget increase from last year and is under the tax cap. Maintains class sizes below the established guidelines. All general and special educational programs, athletics and art programs, and extracurricular activities will remain in place. Tax Levy: 1.89% Represents a 1.89% tax levy (the amount that is collected in taxes) increase which is under the NYS allowable tax levy limit. The maximum increase permitted is 2.24%.

Proposition 2 - Transportation Distance Limits: Permission to allow the North Shore Central School District to reduce the distance eligibility limit for Grades 9-12 to (1) mile at no additional cost to the District effective at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year.

Proposition 3: Capital Reserve Fund: This is permission to approve the expenditure of funds from the previously established Capital Reserve Fund, a sum not to exceed $3,443,912, for district-wide projects at no additional cost to our residents.

Remember to Vote! The Budget/Election of Trustees, Tues., May 15, North Shore High School Gymnasium from 7 AM -10 PM

Information regarding the school budget and propositions can be found (below) on the district website at www.northshoreschools.org.