Flash Mob


Glen Head Fire Drill Turns into a Dancing Flash Mob

On the first half day of school during the last week in June, Glen Head School led by Principal Lori Nimmo conducted its last fire drill. Principal Nimmo said, “However, it just wasn’t a typical fire drill. There was a planned surprise for our students. Teachers, staff and I prepared a flash mob dance to perform for them.”

She continued, “I pretended to be upset with the students’ response to the fire drill, although it was probably one of the best drills this year. I called a group of teachers to speak to me by the playground but to the surprise of everyone, the dance music began to the popular Pharrell Williams song titled, Happy. At the end, I invited students to join in and to share their expertise with flossing.”

You can view the flash mob at the link below as well as many photos! Principal Nimmo concluded by saying, “I wanted to end the school year on a joyous note! I think you will find it quite entertaining. Please share it with your child(ren). Enjoy the video and summer vacation. Thanks for your support, always.”

Glen Head Flash Mob video link taken by the teachers and staff of Glen Head School

Article and photos by Shelly Newman