Summer Reading 2018

Summer Reading 2018

21st Century Literature, Literature & Social Action, and Science Fiction & Fantasy

The North Shore High School English Department is pleased to present your 2018 Summer Reading Assignment.  The assignment is mandatory and will be graded as a formal first quarter assessment at the end of September.

You have two books to choose from: a thriller set at an elite New England university, and a “pre-apocalyptic” science fiction story set on the cusp of a cataclysmic change in Human society.  Both are challenging; both are great.

While most students prefer purchasing their books, copies will be available at the NSHS Library, and both the Sea Cliff and the Gold Coast Public Libraries.  Both novels are also available in eBook and audiobook formats from Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble and the iBooks Store.

Summer Reading 2018 21st Century Lit, Lit & Social Action, Sci Fi & Fantasy Book Descriptions



   A.  Read either Donna Tartt’s The Secret History or Naomi Alderman’s The Power.

   B.  Explore the novel through the lens of one of the following themes.  Don’t choose your theme right away.  Start reading, and see what you find.




Love and Sexuality






   C.  Create a “Visual Essay,” a collection of original images, quotes and commentary,    
based on your reading: 

  •  Choose 5-7 quotes from the book that relate to ONE of the themes above.
  •  For each quote, create an original image that reflects or comments on the selection.

     The image may be:

  • An original photograph, drawing, painting or other piece of original visual art
  • A digitally manipulated found image that is meaningfully different from the original.
  • write a 1-2 sentence explanation for each quote and image pairing.

   4.  Your work will be evaluated using the following criteria:


How well do your image-text pairings explore the theme you have selected?


How well do your image and text relate to each other?


How well do your collected image-text pairings make a larger statement about your theme?


How polished and visually interesting or pleasing is your work?