North Shore Middle School Mandarin Learners

MS Mandarin Learners Take First Place at Rock That Movie Contest for Content and Storytelling

North Shore Middle School Mandarin learners participated in the 6th Rock That Movie Mandarin movie contest hosted by New York University, and won first place for middle school content and storytelling

The theme of the 2018 Rock That Movie is "Do The Right Thing: Making The World A Better Place For All Of Us". North Shore Middle School students worked together in Mandarin Club to write the script featuring the E3 motto (Everyone Matters, Everyone Cares, Everyone Learns) and anti-bullying theme. With the help of the Mandarin teacher, Ms. Li, students rewrote the script in Mandarin, directed, starred in and edited the movie. On April 27, 2018, the students were accompanied by their parents to go to New York University for the Award Ceremony. Please click this link to enjoy it:

Special thanks to the movie crew: Ruben Shonik, Nathaniel Brower, Emily White, Brandon Borom, Isabella Dalto, Gabriella Mehraban, Laura Peck, and Conred Ertel.
Special thanks to Mr. Rob Dennis who let the students shoot the movie in the principal's office.

Article by Xinyuan Li. Photos by Xinyuan Li and Conred Ertel

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