Glen Head School’s Spooky Surprise During Mix It Up at Lunch

Glen Head fourth and fifth graders participated in Mix It Up at Lunch Day on October 31st initiated by the Dignity for All Club under the direction of Mrs. Goldberg and Mrs. Richmond

Mrs. Goldberg said, “The 5th grade members of Dignity for All have planned a spooky surprise for grades 4 and 5 during Mix It Up at lunch today! The "Dignity Dancers" will perform Michael Jackson's "Thriller" towards the beginning of the two lunch periods.  After students have had a few minutes to get their lunches and have a seat, I will announce that Halloween Bingo is about to begin. That is the cue for the dancers to enter the cafeteria and begin the dance. We will do this twice: once at the beginning of 4th grade lunch and once at the start of the 5th grade lunch period.”

Mix It Up is an anti-bullying program where students during their lunch periods sit with different peer groups and participate in various pro-active, social games and activities. At Glen Head School, students received emoji assignments by members of the Dignity for All Club as they entered the cafeteria after recess.

Students in the cafeteria assisted during the lunch periods to help ensure that no one felt left out or uncomfortable. At the end, it was clear that everyone had an opportunity to meet and mingle with new students and begin to expand their social networks beyond their established friends. 

We encourage our families to speak with your children about their experiences with cliques and friendships. Many thanks to the Dignity for All Club as well as Mrs. Goldberg, and Ms. Kern for making this anti-bullying program such a success at Glen Head School. This is just one of many anti-bullying activities that will be initiated at Glen Head School during the course of the school year.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman with assistance from Mrs. Goldberg