Glenwood Landing Winners

2019 GWL Winners of Long Island Language Teachers Competition

The FLES teachers in GWL are proud to announce the winners of the Long Island Language Teachers Competition this year:

-First Place in the Dance Category to Fourth Graders: Zahrah Chin, Lana Gasparri, Tess Pinto, Cecilia Reilly, Alexa Scaffa

-First Place in the Song Category to Fourth Graders: Jack Arena, Asa Bergman,  Vincenzo DiGiuseppe,  Samuel Galowski,  Peter Frangopoulos, Olivia Kenny

-First Place in the Tongue Twister Category to Third Grader: Tristan Lopez

-Second Place in the Poetry Category to Fifth Grader: Alejandra Silva

Congratulations to all!

Article provided by Elementary FLES teacher, Lina Onufrock
Photos by Shelly Newman