North Shore Middle School Stages Present
Bye Bye Birdie

Fri., 2/8 (7 PM), and Sat., 2/9 (2 PM & 7 PM), HS Theatre

Tickets available now online at

Please join us as North Shore Middle School students take the stage to perform in the popular musical “Bye Bye Birdie” (Young Performers’ Edition). Tickets are available online at

Cast includes: 
Henry Spina, Samantha Lockwood, Aaron Dranow, Maiko Giannakis, Sophia Mazzella, Shea McDonnell, Catherine Fradelos, Trevor Janusas, Grace Miller, Rachel Ilberg, Mia Wasniewski, Norah Davison, Neda Fellows, Kaitlyn Correa, Marco Giannolo, Chris Goslin, 

Teenagers of Sweet Apple include: Claire Tao, Sylvie Ward, Veronica Frank, Samantha Glatt, Madison Jairala, Elena Frangos, Melissa Palmetto, Jamili Helo, Caroline Winchester, Anastasia Tsirakidis, Annie Janelidze, Ariella Volz, Falyn Juettner, Violet Ganzekaufer, Jordan Lillis, Madison O’Donnell.
Ensemble (Adults/Parents) include: Mollie Regan, Delilah Weingart, Ava Winter, Sophia Zhang.
Stage Crew: Jasmin Ko, Lilah O’Sullivan, Kailey Popowitz, Ciara Savage, Liana Seepersad, Mina Stickley, Liam Tandy, Lily Tipton, Emaa Novikov*, Elizabeth Sweeney*, Peter Tzotchev* (*HS Crew)

Costume Crew: Isabella Fuentes*, Isabela Perez*, Shea Edelman* (HS Crew)

Online tickets available now at for Bye Bye Birdie (Young Performers’ Edition) on Friday, 2/8 (7 PM), and Saturday, 2/9 (2 PM & 7 PM), in the North Shore High School Theatre. Please join us!

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