Otoshi Visits


Kathryn Otoshi Visits GWL

On January 24, 2019, students, faculty and staff got a special treat as award-winning author/illustrator, Kathryn Otoshi, came to visit Glenwood Landing School. Ms. Otoshi presented her character-building books Zero (self-esteem), One (anti-bullying), Two(Friendship) and Beautiful Hands, which encourage community building. 

As she read her stories, Ms. Otoshi shared her inspirations and experiences. Kathryn Otoshi revealed the symbolism behind her "blue blob" in her famous book, One, and what it means to feel "whole" in Zero. In her wordless picture book Draw the Line, she reminded students of their connections with others, how a friendship or relationship is a work in progress, made up of patterns both positive and negative. How do we keep the line between us strong?  How do we mend any frays or pulls?  Together, through compassion and empathy, common ground can be created strong and true.

During her presentations to each of the grade levels, she asked questions and answered them. “What do you see when you look inside YOUR center? What would YOU do if the person in front of you stumbled, would you help them get up? What can WE do to help lift each other up?  How can we contribute?  Is there a project we can start, a way we can pave the road to some new, different and/or better?”

Additionally, Kathryn Otoshi shared the vibrant illustrations in her book, Beautiful