Science Investigations Involving Slime, Goo, and Ooze

Slime Time at Glenwood Landing!

Glenwood Landing’s School-Wide Enrichment Services under the direction of Audra Marcantonio conducted an exciting science program called Slime, Goo, and Ooze hosted by the Long Island Science Museum.

Ms. Marcantonio said, “Children participated in a series of hands-on science investigations designed to deepen and extend the second grade science unit, States of Matter = Changes.” She added, “We were fortunate to have a representative from the Long Island Science Museum lead our students in various investigations with plastic that utilized their senses, were fun and interactive, and explored properties of matter including solids and liquids.”

In one investigation, students made “Gak” by mixing a liquid plastic (glue) with water and green food coloring. They watched it turn from a liquid to a green solid when they added a powder (Borax) and stirred with a stick. Different observations made by the students included: it was wet, cold, sticky, green, and moved slowly. Students got to roll the “Gak” and even bounce it on the floor!

In another investigation, the second graders made “Flubber” by mixing a liquid plastic with melted plastic then adding a powder (Borax) and mixing with a stick. Students drew conclusions including: it had a brownish-yellow color, had a bad odor, moved quickly, was cold, and very slippery. Students were able to totally stretch the “Flubber” with their hands or sticks!

Students were fascinated in the process of making the “Flubber” and “Gak.” At first, they were complaining of how sticky the substance was. After stirring and creating a more solid matter, students were able to play with their “goo or slime.” This hands-on experience allowed for a greater understanding of the different states of matter and their properties. Students were able to bring a small ball of this “Flubber” or “Gak” home in a plastic bag. Not only was this a fun and engaging science investigation, but it allowed for questioning and observation.

It was clear by the excitement in the room, that all the students thoroughly enjoyed the various science investigations. Many thanks to Audra Marcantonio and the LI Science Museum for bringing this fun and educational learning experience to the students of Glenwood Landing.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman

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