High School Onomatopoeia Pop Art Projects

At North Shore High School, students in Ms. Laura Green’s class recently participated in a fun Pop Art project utilizing two onomatopoeia words or words that imitate the natural sounds of a thing. Her students then were required to sketch out their ideas and create a 7" x 9" design in Adobe Illustrator.

Each design needed to have the following elements:

  • Shape (burst, bubble or other shape)
  • Halftone pattern Pop Art is known for
  • Primary, secondary, black & white colors
  • The word with a drop shadow
  •  Additional artwork that visually represents the meaning of their chosen onomatopoeia word that connects and reinforces its meaning


Ms. Green’s Media Arts students include: Christian Agterhuis, Jackson Aquino, Michael Bloom, Joseph Cruz, Matthew DiLeo, William Feldmann, Noah Glickman, Michael Mazarakis, Charles Merlis, Mark Russo, Nathan Wharton-Kawall, Lilyan Whitcomb, Kevin Anaya, Alvin Andujar, Carlos Bonilla, Alexandra Diaz, Kate Gilliam, Sean Kearney, Adom Moughal, Maximilian Ponce, John Rasizzi, James Reiner, Ryaan Sabooni, Jaden Wang, Christopher White, and Barry You.

To complete this project, students drew inspiration from artist Roy Lichtenstein who was a leading American Pop Artist during the 1960's. Ms. Green said, “His work defined the basic premise of pop art through parody. He used comic strips as his main inspiration. His work was heavily influenced by both popular advertising and the comic book style”.

In class, students learned that Pop Art was a movement that began in the United States (and United Kingdom) in the mid-to late-1950’s. It often combined modern imagery from popular and mass culture including advertising, comic books, and common objects found in everyday life. Some thought it challenged traditional fine art forms due to its use of commercial images, bright colors, words, and ordinary objects rather than more typical traditional “elite art” themes including morality. Other world famous Pop Art artists were Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist and Claes Oldenburg.

Many thanks to Ms. Green for enabling her students to use interdisciplinary skills combining English, art history, and computer graphics to successfully create their imaginative Onomatopoeia Pop Art projects. They are currently on display in the technology wing of North Shore High School.

Article by Shelly Newman with direction from Ms. Laura Green
Photos sent by Ms. Laura Green

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