Thoughts Wanted: Share Your Ideas in our Thoughtexchange!


Dear North Shore Community,

Over the past several months under the direction of the Board of Education, we have been working on a plan to maintain the infrastructure of our schools and improve the instructional spaces of our facilities for the future.  As a result, the Board is considering future borrowing through what we aim to be a tax neutral bond.

Today, we will launch an online Thoughtexchange intended to hear your priorities and collect data from parents, faculty, students, and our residents to help us learn what we can do to ensure that the projects we choose going forward are aligned with what matters most to our community members to better serve our students.

So that the voices of everyone are heard, we want to hear from the entire community!

Please visit the link below to begin our Thoughtexchange:

High School Students and Adults: 

A Thoughtexchange is an interactive, confidential conversation that allows participants to share their own thoughts (priorities) and react to the thoughts that others have provided in an anonymous and fluid way. It is an innovative way for us to survey your thoughts and opinions as we seek to narrow the focus of any potential projects.

Participants are encouraged to come back to the conversation throughout the live period to share more thoughts as they think of them and rate new thoughts that others have shared. When the live period ends on February 8, 2019, we will be able to see where the top priorities of the community rest.

This link will be active until February 8, 2019 and all data collected will be reviewed by myself, district administration and our Board Trustees. Once completed, the results will be shared with the community.

Best regards,
Dr. Peter Giarrizzo

North Shore Central School District