Congrats, Glen Head Graduates!

Glen Head Moving Up Ceremony

Congratulations to all of the Glen Head fifth graders who graduated on June 21 in the High School Theatre led by Principal Lori Nimmo. It was a wonderful ceremony that was attended by their loving family, friends, and teachers that included awards, speeches, singing led by music teacher Ms. Hackman. Plus, a wonderful video containing a “look back” at all of the graduates!

Mrs. Nimmo spoke about the importance of  kindness to her students in her speech and along with Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo presented Sophia Ancona with the Lou Marrone Award, and Grace Harding and Paolo Romito with the Triple C Awards.

Many thanks to Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo and Mr. Rob Dennis who both praised the Glen Head students and assured them that they had the tools and skills to succeed at North Shore Middle School.
Bravo to the following graduates: Shaan Abidi, Valery Alfaro, Sophia Ancona, Angelo Anobile, Joseph Antoci, Jake Bartilucci, Quincy Bartlett, Jordan Basta, Thomas DiPinto, Madeline Ditrapani, Sophia Efstathiadis, Jordan Eisbruck, Nicholas Farinaccio, Sylvia Gao, Arianna Geoghegan, Julia Geraci, Renato Gonzales, Grace Harding, Alexander His, Chone Iannelli, Alex Ickowicz, Bryce Kessler, Nicholas Kokkoris, Lauren Krupski, Evangeline Lau, Penelope Lonigro, Gianna LoPresti, Gregory Luzhansky, Marcella Mallin, Panayiota Maravel, Avery McMahon, Efrosini Milonas, Sareena Modi, Sofia Morra, Zachary Morsi, Michael Munz, Thomas Natale, Jessica Palen, Leila Peraica, Milagro Peraza, Thomas Priolo, Michael Renaldo, Paolo Romito, Hannah Sadowski, Jack Shedlick, Vincenzo Sicuranza, Virginia Stanco, Ourania Stavrianos, Zoe Varkaris, Marco Visintainer, James Volz, Joshlynn Wang, Kayla Wasniewski, Shufan Xuanyuan, and
Lacus Zhang.

During the ceremony, fifth graders Sareena Modi, Marco Visintainer and Leila Peraica thanked Mrs. Nimmo for her many years at Glen Head School and wished her well in her retirement. Then Principal Nimmo concluded by congratulating the Class of 2019 and told her students how proud she was of all of them and their accomplishments at Glen Head School. She acknowledged how bittersweet it was especially this year and wished her fifth graders the very best of luck at North Shore Middle School! 

Article by Shelly Newman Photos by Adrienne Daley