NS Commencement Ceremony 2019

Congratulations 2019 North Shore High School Graduates!
Hats off to you in the future!

It was a beautiful day on Wednesday, June 26, as the North Shore High School seniors donned their caps and gowns for the 2019 Commencement Ceremony. Parents, friends, administrators, and families, happily gathered outside the high school to watch the ceremony led by Principal Albert Cousins. Speakers included Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo, Valedictorian James Campbell, Salutatorian Hanah Leventhal, and North Shore Board of Education President Ms. Sara Jones.

Congratulations to all of the North Shore High School graduates and their families who attended the 2019 Commencement Ceremony. To begin the ceremony, the Pledge of Allegiancewas led by Senior Class Co-Presidents Alyssa Dey and Kyra Kiggins followed by the National Anthem sung by Mairead Colby, accompanied by members of the North Shore High School musicians conducted by Mr. David Soto. Prior to the graduation ceremony, the high school seniors visited each of the elementary schools in their caps and gowns stopping to say ‘hello” and take photos with their younger peers. 

Valedictorian: James Campbell
Salutatorian: Hanah Leventhal

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 including: Luke Abbenda, Kathryn Aebly, Rocco Agostino, Heather Aikman, Michael Albanese, Tarek Aly, Dana Aufiero, David Aufiero, Marc Aufiero, Arvind Badesha, Kayla Bailey, Brian Baptista, Sofia Barbetta, Alyssa Baumel, Cole Bello, Luke Bello, Peter Bennett, Erin Bernard, Taylor Berry, Michael Bianchi, Sophia Bierwiler, James Bloom, Kyle Bolowsky, Izabella Bratter, Olivia Bross, Sarah Brown, Kaylin Burger, Lily Burger, Milagros Buschfrers, Erik Busse, Alexandra Caldwell, James Campbell, Alexandra Canning, Victoria Cave, Joseph Chebuske, Zaid Cheema, Matthew Chiarella, Ryan Cho, Robert Clarke, Caitlin Colbert, Mairead Colby, Katharine Colgan, Joseph Corozzo, Daniel Costello, Jenna Cristodero, Richard Cuite, Cristina D'Amico, Christine Darcy, Elizabeth Davila, Eric DelMar, Michael DerGarabedian, Alyssa Dey, Amber Diaz, Jade Diaz, James DiLeo, Jenna DiMaria, Kaitlin Douglas, Amanda Dulak, William Dunphy, Kirstin Edelman, Katherine Eigo, Jonathan Espinoza Quinteros, Wenni Fan, Catherine Feldmann, Nancy Fernandez, Emma FitzPatrick, Alexander Forstrom, Joseph Franco, Jade Gaeta, Adriana Ganasoulis, Olivia Garry, Angela George, Andrew Gerard, Victoria Ghillani, Maximilian Gibson, Matthew Gimondo, Jennifer Giordano, Jessica Giordano, Willington Gomez Castro, Zoe Goodstone, Stephen Grabher Jr., Jillian Greco, Gianna Groe, Annabelle Guss, Megan Guy, Katherine Hagen, Gyan Hawkins, Meaghan Hoffman, Lucia Hu, Ani Iashvili, Peter Imparato, Caroline Innelli, Olivia Inzerillo, Chloe Johnson, Michael Jud, Luke Karniewich, Cole Kessler, Alexandra Khorasanchi, Miranda Kianka, Kyra Kiggins, Katherine Klingenberg, Zenovia Kontorouhas, Derrick Korponay, Kolbe Krol, John Labbate, Hunter Lauder, Lauren Lehane, Hanah Leventhal, Matthew Lewin, Andrea Liotta, Matthew LiPera, Daniel Livoti, Harry Lockwood, Sophia Lovaglio, Christopher Lucchesi, Xingzhou Luo, Catherine Madden, Grace Magner, Allison Markasevic, Luca Marra, Emily Marroquin, Lilly Martorana, Justin Marzlock, Christopher Matthews, Meagan McCusker, Michael McGrath, Cristiano Mele, Vincent Mercado, Cristian Milo, Talya Morea, John Morrissey, Katrina Mortko, Naren Nandakumar, Ryan Nemirov, William Novikov, Jarrett O'Day, Sebastian O'Hara, Patrick O'Leary, Griffin Olitsky, Yarelis Ortiz, Demi Otis, John Paolillo, David Parrett, Thomas Passuello, Kyle Poitevien, Ambrose Pompea, Jose Porres, Ty Puskuldjian, Noman Rafaqat, Christine Ramirez, Kaeleigh Ramnarine, Luke Reagan, Mark Reali, Caroline Reiner, Noa Ribeiro Alonso, Abigail Riccardo, Alice Rieger, Emma Rivera, Gabriella Roach, Madelaine Rojas, Sabrina Romano, Jack Rosencrans, Jordan Roth, Owen Rowell, GianCarlo Royal, Katherine Ryan, David Salas, Matthew Saltzman, Jacqueline Sasso, Olivia Schatz, Caelan Schoenhofen, Jaedon Seneca, William Seringer, Lorenzo Sferrazza, Mackenzie Shane, Pierre Shashkin, Nanek Singh, Filip Skulimowski, Florian Skulimowski, Nolan Smith, Kayla Sorensen, Matthew Stanton, Sarah Stehling, Isabella Strajanekova, Jane Sturge, Patrick Sullivan, Colin Sweeney, David Swett, Michael Tedesco, Donatella Tocco, Julia Toner, Peter Tzotchev, Julia Vaccaro, Andrew    Vallone, Israel Villalobos, James Vizza, Olivia Vizza, Alexa Waiksnis, Alexia Wasniewski, Andrew Wassef, Elizabeth Weiner, Cailey Welch, Kristen Weydig, Patrick Witek, Leo Wolf, Lauren Yacovone, Eric Yadoo, Thomas Yamond and Sam Zorpette.

Superintendent Dr. Giarrizzo said, “I try to select a song that makes me think fondly of all of you while providing me with an opportunity to use a soundtrack to help me frame my thoughts. Let It Be, written by Paul McCartney is a song that was inspired by a dream and is about possibilities and perspective. It is a song, almost a hymn, of innocence naiveté, hope, and overcoming hardship.”

McCartney writes, “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, Let it be.” The song concludes with, “There will be an answer, let it be - Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.”

Dr. Giarrizzo continued, “While we don’t know the words she offers, in a time of hardship he hears his mother tell him that he should free himself from whatever is weighing him down…All throughout your life you will find yourself in times where you will need to find perspective and persist. Communication on deep, personal levels is so important and I encourage you to commit to connecting with others in the world in meaningful ways...”

Dr. Giarrizzo concluded by saying, “As you leave on your many journeys, listen carefully for the whispers that will bring you peace, clarity, learning, and afford you opportunities to be your best self and then let it be.”  Best of luck to the seniors in the graduating Class of 2019.

At the conclusion of the 2019 Commencement Ceremony, the North Shore Alma Mater was led by Olivia Bross and Demi Otis. Principal Cousins thanked all of the parents and their families and told his graduating seniors that he respected them and was very proud of their accomplishments. He stated that they had fulfilled all of the New York State High School requirements to graduate. To a loud round of applause by all of those in the audience, the graduates joyously tossed their hats in the air! Principal Cousins wished all of his seniors the best of luck in the future! Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Article by Shelly Newman
Photos by Adrienne Daley