NSMS 8th Graders Move On

Congratulations Middle School Eighth Graders!

Congratulations to all of the North Shore Middle School eighth graders who graduated on June 25, 2019!  It was a warm and rainy summer day as Principal Robert Dennis took center stage and welcomed his students as well as all of their loving parents, family members, and friends to the middle school gym, Everyone was dressed beautifully and you could feel the excitement and love in the room. Principal Dennis commended the eighth graders on “Standing Up” and encouraged them to do the same at North Shore High School and throughout their entire lives.

During the ceremony, Assistant Principal Brendan Nelson and his faculty announced awards winners. Many of the eighth graders graciously received recognitions, while others spoke about their years at North Shore Middle School. The award recipients included:

Andrew Fierstein Memorial Award to:  
Keira Jensen and Dean Mallen
Bob Williams Citizenship Award to:
Liliana Stella, Tikdem Heffernan, and Ryan Freund
John Perro Award to:  
Rachel Hunt and Alexander Simms
American Legion Award to:
Kate Conklin and Joseph Ickowitz
Board of Education Award to:
Maggie LePorin and Gregory Coppola
Faculty Award to:                                    
Heather Lennon, Mary Casale, William Winchester
Striking Viking Award to:
Cassidy Weiss

Towards the end of the ceremony, each student was called up to receive their diplomas. They had grown up so much during these three short years at the middle school and were all excited to move on to North Shore High School where they could “drink cocoa, carry book bags, and use their lockers!” Principal Albert Cousins was the first to welcome his incoming freshman class and declare them the “Class of 2023!” 

Congratulation to all of the North Shore Middle School eighth graders! We wish you, the Class of 2019, only the best as you move on to North Shore High School. We know you are ready for all of the challenges and wonderful things ahead. Please enjoy your summer and we will see you in September at the 9th grade North Shore High School BBQ!

Article by Shelly Newman
Graduate names and award winners to follow soon.