MS Call to Action Day
Exploring how innovative technologies impact the human condition

In March 2019, students in North Shore Middle School participated in "Call to Action Day" with the objective of exploring how innovative technologies impact the human condition. Secondary S.T.E.A.M. Director, Amy DiMeola said, “Some important outcomes of the experience included engaging the students in research and technology, as well as sparking interest in STEM-related career paths.”  

Ms. DiMeola continued, “On the day prior to the event, students were absorbed in research on technologies related to the areas of science they are studying at each grade level in their science classes.  In 6th and 7th grade, the focus was on energy & power; while in 8th grade, the focus was on biomedical technology.”

On the day OF the event on March 14th, students were immersed in technology. They had 20 minutes to interact with a professional in the field and 20 minutes to engage in hands-on exposure to a technology related to their prior day's research. Hands-on experiences for students included virtual reality, Z-Space (3-e, LabDisc (exploration with sensors), engineering sail cars, wind turbines, drones, Nao Robot, Sea Cliff Make Shop, and more.

Visitors ranged from non-profits (Waterfront Center) to municipalities (City of Long Beach to discuss post-Sandy efforts to establish sustainable energy solutions) to practitioners including Dr. Laura Sotomayor Orthodontist (orthodontics), Ms. Sue Cohen from Hangar Company (prosthetic limbs), Mr. Robert nelson, Director of Island Eye Surgicenter, and Ms. Miriam Cortes-Caminero, a biochemist from from Enzo Life Sciences.

Ms. DiMeola concluded by saying, “In the days following the event, students will make connections and debrief in E3 Squads to better understand the relationship between what they had been researching and what they experienced, as well as the potential for technology to affect the way we live. Kudos to our team of professionals who dedicated tremendous energy to bring this to life!   

Article inspired by Ms. Amy DiMeola, Secondary S.T.E.A.M. Director
Photos mostly by Shelly Newman