Challenge Day

CHALLENGE DAY at Middle School

NS Middle School 7th Grade Challenge Day

“Challenge Day for the North Shore Middle School seventh graders was an incredible success,” said Principal Rob Dennis. “Over the course of the last two days, our gym was filled with students and faculty members as we were reminded of our shared humanity, and how our commonalities and differences make us the unique individuals that we are.”  Some of the main takeaways from the Challenge Day program at NSMS:

  • It is important for students to feel heard and valued
  • All people experience challenges; how we face those obstacles and triumph helps to shape our values and beliefs
  • We can be present and in the moment if we accept our emotions
  • All people want to be treated with kindness and respect
  • Each of us has the power to be the change – to listen, to notice, to choose,

and to act

Mr. Dennis added, “Through a variety of team-building, small group, and large group introspective and reflective activities, it is our hope that we developed and fostered a safe environment where students feel supported, heard, valued, and cared for.  Please know that we will continue to be advocates for your children as we partner with you to provide the most positive middle school experience possible. We are very grateful to you and the PTSO for funding this event – thank you!  It truly was a very worthwhile experience.”

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Article written with assistance by Principal Dennis. Photos by Shelly Newman