Sea Cliff Healthy Heart Week

Sea Cliff Physical Education Classes Participate in Healthy Heart Week

School Cliff School celebrated healthy heart week from February 11th-15th, 2019.  Teacher Megan McCormack said, “Our students will learn about heart health and how to keep their hearts healthy!  This is a school wide event, and our students will be active throughout the school day.”

Below are a few topics that were highlighted by Physical Education teachers, Mr. DeNicola & Ms. McCormack, throughout the week:

  • The heart has four parts inside.  The blood moves from one part to another in the same order and direction.  Each section is separated that only opens one way.
  • A child’s heart is a little larger than their fists.  We can feel our heartbeat or pulse on other parts of our bodies.
  • The heart muscle acts like a pump that pumps blood through the body.  Squeeze your fists to simulate the pumping action of the heart.  How do your hands feel after they have been squeezed many times?  Squeezing makes the muscles in your hands get tired, but the heart muscle pumps and pumps and never gets tired.
  • You can make your heart strong by riding your bike, exercising, playing soccer, basketball and jumping rope.  Anything you do continuously will make your heart strong. 

The calendar of events during the healthy heart week included:

Monday, February 11th

Tuesday, February 12th

Wednesday, February 13th

Thursday, February 14th

Friday, February 15th


Love your heart with a family walk!


Drink 8 glasses of water!


Pick out a healthy dinner meal!


Give someone a Valentine’s Day hug!


Be active for 60 minutes a day over vacation!

Sea Cliff students agreed to take the heart pledge which said, “I pledge to move
more for my heart health.” In addition, Mr. DeNicola & Ms. McCormack reminded their classes to eat healthy, drink a lot of water and get plenty of sleep!