Glen Head 3rd Grade Wax Museum

Glen Head School Biographies Changing World Exhibit

Interdisciplinary learning experience where students select a person who was or is famous for changing the world in a positive way.

This May, third graders in all of the Glen Head Elementary classes were involved in an exciting interdisciplinary learning experience - combining English, social studies, and the arts. Mrs. Bernesby said, “Our students selected a person who was or is famous for changing the world in a positive way. They did research in books and online, took notes, and thought about the person's place in history, their background and life events, character traits, and how the person affected the world. Each child created a tri-fold poster to teach others about their biographical person.”

Clad in elaborate costumes during the day of the “Changing World Exhibit,” the students stood frozen until a guest of the Wax Museum including family members, peers, or faculty pushed their "button", at which time they gave their respective speeches. The students had written their biographies in first person, which they then acted out to enable those visiting to learn about their iconic characters. Weeks leading up to the Wax Museum presentation, the third graders met with elocutionist, Ms. Elise May, who taught them breathing techniques, pacing and volume, as well as many other public speaking strategies to capture the essence of each famous person.

All of the third graders participated in a layered experience of researching, reading, learning and even acting! They not only investigated historic icons including Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart, Gandi, Princess Diana, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Darwin but learned important events and movements in history involving some of these famous icons. The presentations culminated with each class singing songs including Jonathan Rhys Meyers, The World Is Going to Know Your Name.”


Congratulations to all of the students in the third grade classes and their teachers for presenting such an incredibly creative and educational experience for all of those who were fortunate to attend the Wax Museum at Glen Head Elementary School.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman