New Glen Head School Principal to Be Recommended for Appointment to the North Shore School District

Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo said, “It is with pleasure that I will present Dr. Peter C. Rufa to the Board of Education as Glen Head Elementary School’s next principal effective July 15, 2019. Throughout the interview process, Dr. Rufa demonstrated himself as a hard-working, creative leader who seeks to bring out the very best in the teachers, colleagues and staff that he works with. Importantly, he has always focused on student outcomes and makes his decisions with a student-centered mindset, while taking on both small and significant challenges with students and faculty towards a consistently positive end.”

The in-depth interview process was led by Superintendent Dr. Giarrizzo, Assistant Superintendent Mr. Robert Chlebicki, and Principal/Assistant Superintendent select, Dr. Christopher Zublionis, along with committees consisting of members of the community, faculty, students, and staff.

“I am honored to assume the role of principal of Glen Head Elementary School. I look forward to meeting the students and families of Glen Head in the coming weeks,” stated Dr. Rufa. “I am proud to be a member of this progressive learning community and am excited to support our students and families in their efforts to develop The Shared Valued Outcomes in each student that attends Glen Head Elementary School.”

For the past seven years, Dr. Rufa has been employed by the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District. He currently serves as Assistant Principal at Oyster Bay High School and prior to that was the Supervisor of the Fine and Performing Arts, K-12 program for six years. In his role as a central member of the administration, Dr. Rufa has worked with teachers across all grade levels and has successfully led small groups of instructional rounds with teachers and administrators. The focus of his work has been on using learning targets, metacognition, and critical thinking in lessons across the various disciplines. He regularly spends time observing and working to improve the core teaching practices of elementary teachers. In addition, Dr. Rufa was a music teacher at both the elementary and high school levels for nine years.

Dr. Christopher Zublionis noted that, “Dr. Rufa emerged as a leader with great empathy and the ability to bring constituencies together. His experiences to support the wellness of the whole child will complement the elementary leadership team and support the work of our strategic plan.”

Dr. Rufa earned his Doctorate in Educational and Policy Leadership (2018) from Hofstra University. His dissertation is entitled, “An Action Research Study on the Impact of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction on School Leadership.” He holds two masters degrees. Graduating with a Master of Science degree in School Administration (2010) from Touro College and his Master of Music (2002) is from The Boston Conservatory.  Peter holds a Bachelor of Music Education (2000) from the Crane School of Music, State University of New York at Potsdam.

Dr. Giarrizzo concluded by saying, “Dr. Rufa emerged as a leader who clearly understood the needs of elementary children. He energized the committees while maintaining a calm and balanced demeanor. He consistently noted the importance of engaging parent, student and teacher voice and perspective in his leadership while remaining reflective and respectful.
I will recommend the appointment of Dr. Peter C. Rufa to the Board of Education on June 13, 2019. I believe his entry to the North Shore School District will be carefully planned and thought through with an eye on precision. I am confident that he will also build on the many successes of Mrs. Lori Nimmo, who the District thanks for her 18 years of fine service to the children and families of Glen Head. Along with Dr. Zublionis, myself, and the faculty and staff, we look forward to supporting Dr. Rufa as he begins his tenure at Glen Head School.” A formal meet and greet will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks.