2nd Grade Balance Inquiry

GWL Balance Inquiry at Tappan Beach

Second Graders explored the essential question, "Is balance essential in all aspects of life?" They made predictions and then participated in stations set-up at Tappan Beach.

This interdisciplinary opportunity involved students exploring balance through artistic sculptures with Ms. Moran using natural wood pieces, music composition using recycled instruments with Ms. Cheung, yoga and wellness and through balance within led by Mr. Carpenter, and lastly a beach clean-up with Mrs. Marcantonio as students explored the shoreline ecosystem and the impact of cultural, or man-made items on biotic factors.

As students concluded their work on balance, the same initial question was posed. Students' thinking changed or deepened as a result of their experiences on the beach. As special thank you to the grade two teachers and Collaboration Team who helped make this interdisciplinary experience possible.

Students will understand….

Essential Overarching Question:
EQ1-Is balance essential? (Kids are thinking in all aspects- Scientifically we will focus on- abiotic, biotic and cultural.... What happens as cultural aspects of ecosystems increase?)
EQ2-How do parts of a system work interdependently and dependently? Provide examples to support your thinking. (Question will be posed before the unit, during, and after.)
EQ3-How do questions about our world guide our inquiry and help us learn more?

Topical Essential Questions:
TEQ1-How do interdependent and dependent relationships impact an ecosystem?
TEQ2-How do individuals and communities impact the diversity, interdependence, and balance of ecosystems?

Article provided by GWL Enrichment Teacher, Audra Marcantonio
Photos by Shelly Newman