GWL Spring Concert


Smooth Sounds of GWL Spring Concert

Glenwood Landing fourth and fifth graders took to the stage in May 2019 to perform in the annual GWL Spring Concert. The orchestra kicked off the concert melodically under the direction of Mr. Falco. Then the harmonious choral ensemble took to the stage to wow us with their dedication and love of music. Shortly after, the powerful beat of the percussion signified that Mr. Blake and the rest of the band were up on stage performing their songs. Then, the beautiful voices of the fourth grade chorus could be heard throughout the auditorium led by Ms. Cheung. But, that’s not all!  The fifth grade chorus performed for their last time in front of their peers to the delight of all those in attendance.

A round of applause goes out to all the students who participated in the GWL Spring Concert!  In addition, thank you again to the music teachers including Patrick Falco, Richard Blake, and LiJu Cheung who worked so very hard to make this concert so special and memorable for all of us in the audience.
Article and photos by Shelly Newman