NS Middle School 6th Graders Present Ted Talks
In May 2019, sixth grade English students at North Shore Middle School presented Ted Talks, a culmination of the Nonfiction Reading and Research Based Argument Essay Unit.

Teacher Ms. Kathy Yoo said, “Our students chose topics that they are passionate about and conducted extensive research. They had lessons with Mrs. Livingston, our librarian, about how to use a database for research and how to cite sources accurately. They also conducted Skype interviews with experts in fields such as Feminism and Gender Inequality, Vaccines, Alternatives to Vaccines, Global Warming, Pollution, Screentime, and Gun Violence Prevention.”

Mrs. Yoo and Ms. Henneberger coordinated students to work with Mr. Facchini during recess, in the Maker Space, to design and build their TED letters. Mrs. Yoo said, “The kids were able to shine on so many levels!” 

After writing an evidence-based argument essay, sixth graders became experts on their respective topics. They analyzed the elements of a good Ted Talk and created one themselves. Each class performed their Ted Talks and the students used reflection rubrics to select the most compelling one from each class to be showcased. On Friday, May 10th, the six graders held a combined showcase of Ted Talks combining all students on the Purple, Yellow, and Orange Teams.

Ms. Yoo concluded by saying, “This project inspired our young activists to find their passion and call others to action.”

Article provided written with assistance from Ms. Kathy Yoo.  Photos by Shelly Newman