2019 Long Island Press Power Women in Business Dynamic Duo Award Congratulations Ms. Stacy Miranda

Congratulations go out to Ms. Stacy Miranda for being a recipient of the2019 Long Island Press Power Women in Business Dynamic Duo Award. This is an organization that recognizes woman for their achievements and celebrates women supporting women. Ms. Miranda and Dr. Pamela Drullinsky, her doctor from Memorial Sloan Kettering, are being celebrated for their teamwork throughout Ms. Miranda’s treatment and for her continuous influence in the community for cancer patients and research.

Ms. Miranda teaches Family and Consumer Sciences at North Shore Middle School. Teaching remains her greatest passion while she strives to take her life lessons and inspire her students. Approximately, five years ago, Ms. Miranda was diagnosed with an invasive cancer. She worked with Dr. Pamela Drullinsky and her team at Memorial Sloan Kettering to overcome this disease. Now approaching her 5-year mark as cancer-free, Ms. Miranda has found this journey to become one of her greatest teachers in life. She has developed a new sense of strength, and desire to live life to the fullest.     

Ms. Miranda said, “I had the honor of giving two different speeches. One of which led to the award and the other was to help raise money at a fundraiser.” She continued, “I recently was the patient keynote speaker for Memorial Sloan Kettering. During their new facility opening on Long Island, an editor from LI Press heard my speech at MSK, which led to being nominated for the award with my oncologist, Dr. Drullinsky” Please read more at http://www.liherald.com/stories/memorial-sloan-kettering-cancer-center-opening-in-central-nassau,113453 and https://www.schnepsevents.com/events/2019-long-island-top-women-in-business/

Her second speech was for a “First Descents” fundraiser, a non-profit organization that provides healing adventures for young adults impacted by cancer to live their days to the fullest and to build a supportive community.  “I've
personally benefited from four trips so far,” she stated. “This event raised over $130,000, which will fund several future programs.”

Additionally, Ms. Miranda has been involved with two adventure challenges with the non-profit organization called, “Climb For Hope”. She said, “We do the challenges with the idea that we "suffer" in solidarity with those struggling with breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. The money raised goes directly to researchers in search of a cure at John Hopkins.  The two trips I've been part of (mountaineering Mt. Adams, the 2nd highest peak in the Pacific Northwest, and hiking from rim to rim of the Grand Canyon in one day, which is 25 miles with 4,000 feet of elevation gain) have together raised about $60,000.”

Ms. Stacy Miranda concluded by saying, "Giving back, paying it forward, and supporting others while challenging myself has been so very purposeful and healing. Helping others, in any way that I possibly can, has always just been who I am.  To be recognized for it through this award is a surreal and humbling honor."

Congratulations to Ms. Miranda not only for being a recipient of the2019 Long Island Press Power Women in Business Dynamic Duo Award, but for her strength, courage, and dedication to others.