Middle School Unity Day

We Stand Together

Under the direction of guidance counselors Ms. Canzoniero, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Flavia Finning, and North shore Middle School Social Worker, Toni Papetti, students united together by wearing orange and participated in Unity Day activities on Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

During lunch, the middle schools students participated in a “Mix It Up” party! Students were asked to sit at different tables according to their birthday month to engage in social building games and activities for prizes. In the cafeteria, students participated in the following activities and questions and answers including, “Find someone who likes to play your favorite sport,” “Find someone who likes the same musical group as you,” “Sind someone who went to sleep-away camp,” “Find someone who has the same eye color as you,” and “Find someone who likes the same flavor ice cream.”

These types of cafeteria activities served as a reminder for students to be kind to one another, be tolerant and accepting of everyone’s differences, and reach out to their peers to let them know that they are not alone. During the lunch-room activities, the guidance counselors reiterated the important themes, “Make a Change and We Stand Together.”

This is the first of many anti-bullying activities that will take place at the middle school this year. Many thanks to the MS PTSO, the guidance counselors, social workers, administration, and teachers who worked so hard to decorate the cafeteria and assist in all of the important Unity Day activities at North Shore Middle School. 

Article and photos by Shelly Newman