Sea Cliff School 1st Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Elementary FLES Spanish teacher, Ms. Roxsi Robles said, “Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15 through October 15. During this month, we commemorate the ¬°Superfabuloso! contributions of Hispanic Americans to our country. The traditions and experiences of Hispanic Americans help make our nation a diverse and exciting place to live.”

To coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, North Shore School FLES Spanish teachers offered students the chance to celebrate their own heritage while appreciating the uniqueness of others. This along with many other FLES events scheduled this school-year, will kick-off a whole year of cultural discovery for the North Shore elementary students.

Ms. Robles added, “Students in grades 3-5 adopted a country to represent throughout the year, learned about their country, sang songs in class, danced and created a Latin America flag from recycled materials where students were able to present information in Spanish to their classmates.”
Additionally, 4th Graders at Sea Cliff School showcased beautiful flags at the first annual Hispanic Heritage Month Parade. They sang, they danced to the Mexican Hat Dance and played a pat-a-cake called “CHO-CO-LA-TE” ¬°Ay Caramba!

Article provided by FLES Spanish Teacher, Roxsi Robles. Photos by Shelly Newman