High School Students Celebrate Summer Reading

On Friday, September 27th, North Shore High School students took a break from their regular English studies to celebrate Summer Reading 2019.  Performing skits, playing Literary Scattegories, and making book jackets were among the many activities the students enjoyed as they collaborated to reflect upon the texts they read.

Many of the students appreciated the opportunity to explore new genres and themes.  Rachel Hunt, a freshman in Ms. Millman’s class, did not expect the graphic novel, Hey Kiddo, to be so meaningful. She thought it would be an easy read, but she was captivated by how the book deals with drug and alcohol abuse. Rachel noted that, although those topics are so relevant to students’ lives, they rarely get to read about those subjects in school.

This year, the high school English department provided even more choice for the students by including personal development titles to help students navigate their social, emotional, and academic landscapes.  One junior in Mr. Bishop’s class expressed his appreciation for that addition and for the book he selected.  “Emotional Intelligence 2.0 gives a lot of helpful strategies about how to interact with others professionally,” said Michael Gimondo.  “That will be helpful in the workforce and in college.”  Emma Nelson, a sophomore in Mr. Willgoos’s class also lauded the new genre. She picked Daring Greatly, because she never read a self-improvement book.  The chapter about the vulnerability parents feel when they let their kids out into the world helped her consider vulnerability from a parent's perspective, and it opened a dialogue with her mom.
Finally, some students made connections between their Summer Reading book and the district’s SVOs.  When Ms. Soltis’s student Peter Serravalle read Make Your Bed, he immediately thought of the IB Learner Profile traits.  “The IB Learner Profile teaches you to be a better person, to be a better communicator, and take risks.  The book says that when you take risks, don’t be afraid to fail; stand up and go on.”  

Hearty thank you to our high school English department for promoting the pleasure of reading and to all of our students who embraced the occasion!

Article by Julie Ritter, Director of Secondary English Language Arts Photos by Shelly Newman