Annual Convocation Ceremony

Passing the Torch at Glen Head Elementary School

On September 18, students, faculty and staff at Glen Head School gathered together for their annual Convocation Ceremony where a torch is passed from fifth graders to a new generation of kindergarteners. Traditionally, siblings form a line and pass the torch to their younger siblings. This signifies a custom of welcome at Glen Head School. 

At the morning assembly, new Principal Dr. Peter Rufa welcomed everybody to another exciting year and introduced all of his new students and kindergarteners to a warm round of applause by the entire student body.

Dressed in maroon and white (school colors), the “Sunshine Kids” and fellow fifth graders led the school in various well-known songs. Kindergarteners also had an opportunity to enter the gymnasium to a wonderful round-of-applause by everyone in attendance, and sang the “ABC” song. As with tradition, Glen Head teachers and Dr. Rufa performed a song describing their favorite pastimes called “I Can Be Me!” Faculty members were dressed in clothing corresponding to their favorite activity!

Welcome to all of the new students to Glen Head School. We hope you have a wonderful year!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman