GWL Students Create Mandalas to Demonstrate Their Communication & Collaboration Skills
With the help of the Glenwood Landing art teacher, Ms. Moran, the students in Mrs. Hecker and Mrs. Rizzotti’s third grade class participated in several community building activities to encourage two pillars of the North Shore School District’s Shared Valued Outcomes (SVO’s) - communication and collaboration.

“After our students learned that mandalas often symbolize unity and wholeness, which is an important theme in our classroom, they began their work,” said Mrs. Hecker and Mrs. Rizzotti. “They were given the task of creating a mandala in groups of three or four. The activity became more challenging as our students were instructed to communicate non-verbally to create a mandala with radial symmetry.” 

The third grade teachers concluded by saying, “It was incredible to watch their process and creativity.” Many thanks to art teacher, Ms. Moran, for helping to guide this educational and fun hands-on activity.

Article by Glenwood Landing Teachers, Mrs. Hecker and Mrs. Rizzotti.                      
Photos by Shelly Newman