North Shore Welcomes New Administrators, Faculty, and Staff in 2019

New Teachers and Admin NS Courtyard

During the last week in August 2019, Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Christopher Zublionis along with North Shore administrators welcomed the following new faculty and staff to the North Shore School District: Ryan Meenan (HS Math), Diana Garone (HS Italian), Alyssa Bacchioni (HS Environmental Science), Ling-Ling Xie (HS Mandarin), Margaret DeLima (HS Art), Ashleigh Hahn (HS Chorus), Simone Ousset-Kuranishi (HS Dance/Theatre), Andrea Caserta (HS TA), Nicole D'Aversa (HS/MS Speech Language Therapist), Kristin Carbone (MS/HS Computer Science/Math), Caterina Rovito (MS/HS ENL), Diane Vestuto (MS Elective), Kaitlin Biagiotti (MS Science 7), Lisa Hittner (Grade 6 Social Studies), Kayleigh Escamilla (MS Special Ed), Stephen Carr (Elementary), Carolyn DiPreta (Elementary), Jonathan McCrum (GH Special Education), Christina Michalenok (GH Reading Teacher), Deirdre Leder (GH School Nurse), Kelly Rakeman (GH Classroom Teacher), Sarah Rennie (GH Art Teacher), Antoinette Ivins (GH Special Education), Lauren Bienz (GH Classroom Teacher), Kirsten Clagnaz (GH Classroom Teacher), Torrey D'Angelo (GWL Music/Chorus), Amelia Hecker (GWL Classroom), Brittany Matalon (GWL Classroom), Lauren Kottler (SC Special Education), Lisa Daly (SC ENL), Rory Lyons-Nartowicz (SC Occupational Therapist),

Additionally, please help us in welcoming administrators Mr. Daniel Doherty (Director of Counseling), Dr. Peter Rufa (Glen Head School Principal), and Ms. Jeanette Wojcik (Sea Cliff School Principal).

These new North Shore faculty and staff embody the enthusiasm, intelligence, compassion, curiosity, and love for learning we wish to bring to each of our students.

They will help our students discover their dreams, pursue their goals, meet new students, and succeed in our classrooms, on our fields, and on our stages at all five elementary and secondary schools. We are proud to have them join the North Shore School District as our new colleagues and friends.*

Photo Caption: Article and photos by Shelly Newman 

*Please note, positions may vary. Some of these positions are full time positions, while others maybe part-time positions or for teacher leave replacements.