IB Visual Artists Create Art Utilizing a Variety of Mediums

North Shore High School art teacher Ms. Lynn Johnson stated, “IB Visual Art allows my students to engage as artists in many different ways. They view, curate, analyze and of course, create art utilizing a variety of mediums including darkroom photography, drawing, painting and sculpture.” This year, Noelle Hatalovsky’s IB artwork was accepted for exhibition, by the Heckscher Museum, as one of "Long Island's Best!"  

IB Visual Art students including Laurence Gemme, Alyssa Hartmann, Noelle Hatalovsky
Sarah Moughal, and Christina Pavlidis-Sanchez started creating art on the first day of school. This included regular experiments and idea planning in their Visual Art Journals, as well as the development of unique and personal artworks. In addition, students became inspired as they engaged in lively discussions, while looking at work from a range of different cultures.

Ms. Johnson said, “In doing this, they brought art history to life, through interactive lessons that kept everyone engaged. My students continued to round out their development as they listened to artist interviews, watched videos about processes and materials, and visited different museums and art institutions.” This year with their teacher, the IB Visual Art students took trips to The Museum of Modern Art’s new building and design store, as well as the Whitney Museum of American Art. 

“IB Visual Art is an actively creative class hitting on the many facets of visual art,” concluded Ms. Johnson.

Article and photos provided by Ms. Lynn Johnson