North Shore High School Concert Chorale Performs Hallelujah Chorus by G.F. Handel

CLICK HERE FOR North Shore High School Hallelujah Chorus Virtual Choir 2020

The North Shore High School choral musicians rendered a beautiful performance that underscores the indomitable spirit of the North Shore Public Schools.  

The performance of the Hallelujah Chorus, by G. F. Handel, is a perennial tradition at North Shore. Students, alumni, and community members typically gather to perform this piece at the winter concert; therefore, this composition is meaningful to many people in our community. Junior Mia Crocco said, “It was nice that we were able to continue the tradition of singing this piece. Even though we were apart, the music brought us together.” Senior Alejandra Lopez stated, “Being a senior, so many of our traditions have been put on hold or changed this year, so it was so nice to know that this tradition would continue, despite being separated due to the pandemic." Senior and choral intern Fiona Colby was excited because this performance "was the first time that everyone was able to collaborate together on a larger scale, despite everyone being separated.” An important part of singing is about connecting with the community and collaborating with others to make something greater than ourselves.” As Sophomore Samantha Lockwood says, “Having a sense of community during this time is so important. This really brought us together." The beauty of creating a piece in this way is that anyone, from any location, can view, listen, and feel the love that our students have for music and each other. Senior Iz Butt shared, “This performance is really special because my brother, who moved to Washington State and who was always at all of my concerts, is still able to be there for me and enjoy our music.” 

Director of Fine and Performing Arts, Ms. Dalia Rodriguez said, “Our students’ resilience, ability to adapt, innovative spirit, and collective love of music is awe inspiring.  I am very proud of them. I want to thank our musicians and Ms. Hahn for this beautiful performance. I also want to thank the Arts Angels for their unwavering support of our arts programs.”  

We hope that you enjoy this innovative musical experience, and we wish you a joyous holiday season and a healthy and happy New Year!