Glen Head First Graders Share Space Shuttle Travels

On January 31st, first graders asked their parents, family members, teachers and peers, “if they were ready for an out of this world experience?” Everyone received a “boarding pass” in advance to come aboard a supersonic space shuttle and be transported on an unforgettable trip through the solar system! At this exciting interdisciplinary Glen Head Space Academy culmination, expertly trained first grade astronauts eagerly awaited to take you on an adventure of a lifetime through our magical galaxy where if you were lucky, you might even catch a shooting star, more commonly known as a comet!

On the doors of each classroom, students created life-size artwork of NASA rocket ships so that everyone could feel like they were entering a magical space shuttle ride. Once inside, students dressed in blue space shirts and each expertly presented their knowledge of the sun, planets, moon, stars, constellations, asteroids, meteors and comets. Hanging from the ceilings were beautifully crafted models of their planets that each of the children had hand-made in art class under the direction of Ms. Rennie. Also, big black cardboard panels containing LED lights acted as backdrops to this magical world of constellations and space. But, that’s not all! Students also happily sang songs with space themes including “Twinkle Twinkle” and the “Planets Go Spinning”. Many thanks to music teacher Ms. Hackman.

Not only was this a great learning experience but there was something for everyone to enjoy including life-size cardboard cut-outs of an astronaut and rocket ship that the students could put their heads into for their family members to take photographic memories of this wonderful interdisciplinary space exhibition.

Thank you to all of the first grade teachers including Ms. Weinberg, Mr. Ajello, and Ms. Priolo’s classes, students, and parents for making this “out of this world” space experience so successful. “We love you to the moon and back...” (Tim Warnes)

Article and photos by Shelly Newman with expertise from the Glen Head 1st Grade teachers including Ms. Weinberg, Ms. Ajello, and Ms. Priolo