SC School Students Participate in Community Culmination

Second grade classes at Sea Cliff School recently had a Community Culmination where each class built a mini town in their classrooms. In front of their classmates and family members, students presented their unique stores (or buildings) that they created in art class with Ms. Lisa Giurlanda.  They included a bank, bakery, post office, library, train station, firehouse, restaurant, hair salon, coffee shop, police station, dog groomer, and bait and tackle shop  – just to name a few!  The children also shared comprehensive written reports with their families. They also sang songs under the direction of music teacher, Ms. Ashley Hassett-Bordes.  

As part of this interdisciplinary community study, the students not only learned about different communities, but also traveled outside into the Village of Sea Cliff to learn about their own neighborhood. Their teachers helped them learn that while communities are interdependent, they need their surrounding neighbors and the people who live inside to remain happy, healthy, and safe.

Sea Cliff second graders also studied the following: Urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods, rules and laws, goods and services, needs and wants, and public and private places. Like in a “real” community, the second graders also developed specific laws and rules of their own communities in the classroom. Bravo to the entire second grade at Sea Cliff School under the direction of their teachers for learning all about their community, working so hard, and creating important rules to live by!


Article and photos by Shelly Newman