Congratulations MS 2020

Congratulations North Shore Middle School Class of 2020! PHOTOS BELOW
On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, Principal Robert Dennis, Assistant Principal Brendan Nelson along with Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo, and the MS f teachers, faculty, and staff cheered on the North Shore Middle School Class of 2020 during their Graduation Car Parade Ceremony.
It was a beautiful day to celebrate the MS eighth graders and their respective families as Principal Dennis handed each student their diploma through their decorative car windows in front of North Shore Middle School! You could hear the music and cheers as each student was joyfully recognized for this memorable accomplishment. Each graduate received a gift from the MS PTSO and came out of their cars to take a picture in front of the middle school.
Congratulations to the following award winners:

  • Algebra Awards—For Excellence in Algebra

Sabrina Chiu, Sophia Glazarev, Taylor Klein, Ginevra Levin, Caden Paradis
Laura Peck, Matthew Ryan, Henry Spina, and Michelle Yu

  •  Math 8 Awards—For Excellence in Math 8                                                                                      Elena Frangos, Cole Gibstein, and Beth Ann Wissing
  • Math Acceleration Award - For Excellence in Algebra, Geometry, & Algebra 2

Noah Lee

  • Living Environment Awards—For Excellence in Living Environment

Christopher Anzalone, Neda Fellows, Sydney Fitzpatrick, Noah Lee, Jessica Leonard,
Sophia Marchioli, Sofia Martini, Russell Notaris, and Claire Tao

  • English Awards—For Excellence in English

Sophia Brandimarte, Kaitlyn Correa, Erin Finnegan, Sienna Peraica, Melissa Palmetto, Juliette Renaldo, Alexandra Selmani, Emery Viscovich, and Lee Wehbeh

  • Social Studies Awards—For Excellence in Social Studies

Emma Bajdechi, Liam Brady, Hannah Gilliam, Christopher Marinello,
Shea McDonnell, Nicole Miraglia, Ella O’Hara, Michael Temidis, and Parker Trager

  • French Awards - For Excellence in French                                                                            Veronica Frank and Sophia Marchioli
  • Italian Awards - For Excellence in Italian                                                                                   Bella Martocci and Harrison Levin                                                                                                              
  • Latin Awards - For Excellence in Latin                                                                                            Erin Finnegan and Riley Harding
  • Mandarin Awards - For Excellence in Mandarin                                                                         Hannah Gilliam and Sofia Martini
  • Spanish Awards—For Excellence in Spanish                                                                                                    Garret Gates and Melissa Palmetto
  • Physical Education Awards—For Excellence in Physical Education                                           Hailey Ayres, Emma Priolo, and Matthew Ryan
  • Art Awards—For Excellence in Art                                                                                                Ava Peterson
  • Family & Consumer Science Award—For Excellence in Family & Consumer Science

Maura Cullen

  • Music Department Awards—For Excellence in Music                                                                           - Music Department Award: Emery Viscovich - Band Director’s Award: Jessica Leonard - Chorus Director’s Award: Bella Martocci  - Orchestra Director’s Award: Noah Lee                                                                                             - Jazz Band Award: Sophia Brandimarte                                                                                    - Chamber Orchestra Award: Harrison Levin                                                                               - General Music Award: Kaleigh Shedlick
  • Athletic Department Awards—For Excellence in athletics                                                                   - Scholar Athlete: Liam Brady and Samantha Nelson                                                                                                - Most Improved Athlete: Hannah Gilliam and Garret Gates                                                  - Sportsmanship Award: Christopher Anzalone and Kate Salerno                                                       - Most Outstanding Athlete: Elle Archer and Luke Potapov
  • Andrew Fierstein Award

Christopher Marinello and Meredith Papiro

  • Bob Williams Award

Erin Finnegan, Riley Harding, and Samantha Nelson

  • John Perro Award

Russell Notaris and Claire Tao

  • American Legion Award

Ava Peterson and Vasilis Triantafyllou

  • Striking Viking Award

Luke Potapov and Julianna Stefos

  • Shared Valued Outcomes Award

Masten Martin and Juliette Renaldo

  • Board of Education Award

Christopher Anzalone, Hannah Gilliam, Nicole Miraglia, and Paul Pourakis

  • North Shore Middle School Faculty Award

Liam Brady and Katherine Salerno

Many thanks to Principal Dennis, Assistant Principal Nelson, the Eighth Grade Graduation Committee, MS PTSO, faculty and parents for making this celebration a success!  The campus was beautifully decorated with numerous festive signs including “Congrats 8th Graders!”, and a maroon and white balloon archway that all of the cars drove under on their way around the lower circle where the faculty and staff happily cheered for the graduates!
We wish you all the best of luck as you move on to North Shore High School and are eager to see you soon and hear of your many successes! Thank you to everyone for being a part of this unique and memorable celebration.
Article by Shelly Newman
Photos by Adrienne Daley