Congratulations to the North Shore Employees Who Received Tenure & Will Be Retiring in 2020

The North Shore School District is proud to announce the list of dedicated 2020 administrators, faculty, and staff who were approved for tenure by our trustees at the Board of Education meeting on June 18, 2020. Superintendent Dr. Giarrizzo stated, “To achieve tenure at North Shore is a rigorous process which takes many years, dedication, and continuous growth. We congratulate them on this wonderful accomplishment and know that they have and will continue to serve our children well.”

Congratulations to the following North Shore teachers who were granted tenure by the Board of Education effective September 1 - October 21, 2020:

Liam Bambrick, Mathematics (MS)
Carmen Berg, Foreign Language (GH)
Harrison Berglin, Physical Education (MS)
Samantha Boniberger, Special Education (MS)
Christine Considine, Mathematics (HS)
Brynn D'Amico, Elementary (GH)
Kevin Dahill, Social Studies (MS)
Denise Gentile-Staniszewski, Guidance (HS)
Calliope Iakovou, Elementary (GWL)
Noel Imbriale, English (MS)
Adrien Kaye, Science (GH/GWL/SC)
Bianca Lavey, Elementary (GWL)
Nicole Lein, Physical Education (GWL)
Cynthia Li, Foreign Language (MS/HS)
Dan Mazz, Mathematics (MS)
Meredith McAssey, Elementary (SC)
Jennifer Rizza, Mathematics (HS)
Lauren Sandback, Business (HS)
David Schultz, Foreign Language (SC)
Ryan Shanks, Special Education (MS)
Helene Stein, Special Education (GH)
Gila Liechtung, ESL (GWL), effective September 11, 2020
Danielle Hild, Elementary, (SC), effective September 16, 2020
Margaret Shay-Scott, Teacher Assistant (GWL), effective September 22, 2020
Audra Rizzo-Boyle, Elementary (SC), effective September 23, 2020
Edward McCabe, Teacher Assistant (MS), effective October 13, 2020
Alexandra Acosta, Science, effective October 21, 2020

The following teachers are recognized for receiving tenure during the 2019-2020 school year:
Alan Nobile Cavallini, Speech Language
Deirdre Leder, School Nurse
Rory Lyons-Nartowicz, Occupational Therapist
Cathleen Jeffreys, Teacher Assistant

Congratulations to the following North Shore administrators who were granted tenure by the Board of Education effective July 1, 2020:

Ana Aguiar, Director of World Language & ENL
Seth Gordon, Director of Secondary Social Studies

Photos by Shelly Newman
Please note: The majority of tenured and retired teachers were photographed with their families in front of the Central Administration office.

Additionally, four employees with over 100 years of experience will be retiring from North Shore including Mary Jo Chaputian, School Nurse, Arlene Roberts, Elementary Classroom Teacher, David Soto, Band, and Cathleen Jeffreys, Teacher Assistant. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and thank them for their many wonderful years of service to our children and schools of the North Shore School District

Congratulations to all!