Innovation 8 Class

North Shore Middle School Innovation 8 Class

Building a Rube Goldberg Machine at MS

Eighth graders in Mr. Anthony Facchini’s Innovation 8 class are working on an inventor’s project called Rube Goldberg Machine. In this course, his students were tasked with the challenge of creating a complex machine to complete a simple task.

“The goals of the project are to utilize all 6 of the simple machines to complete a simple task like popping a balloon,” stated Mr. Facchini. “Prior to designing their machines, my students learned about the 6 simple machines including a lever, incline plane, pulley, wedge, screw, and wheel and axle. They also learned how the different machines were developed to make doing work easier by using mechanical advantage.”

He continued, “This project touches upon many different scientific and mathematical concepts as well as utilizing the design process to design and create a plan. Scientific concepts include Potential and Kinetic energy and Newton’s Laws.” Students worked inside and outside of their classroom, under one of the many tents provided by the District at the middle school, to complete their projects

Using the principles of mathematics, students in this innovative and hands-on class at North Shore Middle School are able to calculate the mechanical advantage and predict whether their idea will successfully work or not.

Article written with assistance from Mr. Facchini and photos by Shelly Newman