Glen Head Students Greeted By Principal Dr. Peter Rufa and Faculty & Staff on First Day

On September 10, 2020, Principal Dr. Peter Rufa along with his faculty and staff happily greeted students back for the 2020-201 school year. Standing outside in the rain, Dr. Rufa waved and warmly welcomed his students as they came off the buses at Glen Head School.

Upon entering the building, COVID-19 guidelines were followed as faculty and staff helped them with temperature checks and the new hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances. All those in attendance visibly wore masks and practiced social distancing as new COVID-19 signage was placed on the walls and floors of the building.

At Glen Head, students had the opportunity to meet their new teachers, see their classrooms, put away school supplies, meet new friends, and engage in traditional first day of school activities. Additionally, students were able to enjoy their snacks and have mask breaks. Weather permitting, everyone will go outside for fresh air and participate in learning, physical education, and outdoor play.

It was wonderful to see our students back at Glen Head School and feel the joy in each of the classrooms. Thank you to Principal Rufa and all of the administration, faculty, staff, and GH PTO for all of their preparation and hard work. It was a positive and smooth first day of classes. Best of luck to everyone in 2020-21!

Article by Shelly Newman
Photos by Adrienne Daley